40th Anniversary of the Alpine Meadows Avalanche with Jared Drake, Steven Siig & Chip O’Brien | Talking NorCal?

On this episode of Talking NorCal, we dive deep into the deadly avalanche of March 31, 1982 at Alpine Meadows that killed 7 people. Zach is joined by filmmakers Jared Drake and Steven Siig to discuss their new documentary ‘Buried: The 1982 Alpine Meadows Avalanche’ where they talk about the event, creating the award-winning film and debuting it to the community who was impacted by the tragedy (7:40). Then, Zach is joined by Chip O’Brien for a literary review of ‘Wall of White,’ the 2009 book by Jennifer Woodlief going in-depth into the tragedy and telling the human stories behind the avalanche (28:27).

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