This Guy Drives His Car on the Sacramento River

“Wild” Bill Hill lives in Roseville, California, and just like any outdoor lovers in Northern California, he likes to spend his summer days on the river.

The only difference between Bill and other river enthusiasts? He drives his car right into the water.

John Bartell of Bartell’s Backroads recently profiled Bill and his Amphicar, built in Germany in 1964 and one of only a few hundred left in the world today. The video shows Bill and John leisurely driving past hard working boatsmen unloading their watercraft into the Sacramento River from a trailer as they drive right into the water from the solid ground.

The car is equipped with two small propellers on the back to move the “boat” back and forward as Bill uses the steering wheel to go left and right. The engine only puts out about 43 horsepower and can navigate through the water around 30 miles per hour. The car is worth about $125,000 today

“On land, it drives like a boat. In the water, it drives like a car,” Hill said in the video.

Bill has made a series of modifications to the car for it to be functional and truly original. He just hopes it doesn’t spring a leak anytime soon…

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