Michelob Ultra Will Pay One Lucky Person $50,000 to Travel to National Parks

Michelob Ultra is looking to expand into the outdoor industry with its announcement that it is on the hunt for a new Chief Exploration Officer. The job includes traveling around the country to National Parks and taking photos for the company, for a 6-month salary of $50,000 plus expenses. It’s the dream job for anyone looking to travel in the outdoors for a living.

The Chief Exploration Officer will spend 6 months on the road traveling to National Parks such as Yosemite, Sequoia and Joshua Tree, capturing beautiful photography and content from some of America’s most beautiful outdoor destinations. The ideal candidate enjoys and respects the great outdoors, is able to see the big picture (as well as capture and edit it) and is a strong leader with a clear sense of direction.

The chosen CEO will be provided with a camper van equipped with a bathroom and shower, as well as gas money and a travel itinerary. You can also bring a “plus one,” which can be either a partner or dog.

The deadline to apply for the job is September 30, so what are you waiting for? To apply for Michelob Ultra’s Chief Exploration Officer, go here.

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