Mount Shasta Experiences a ‘Second Winter’ with Heavy April Snowfall

The winter in Northern California was depressing, with little to no precipitation falling throughout the region from January to March. Now, as most people had already begun mentally preparing for the sunny season, April Showers are delivering a “second winter” for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sitting almost devoid of snow in the final days of March, Mount Shasta is once again covered in snow, with nearly two feet falling on the mountain over the weekend. The snowfall is much needed during our current state of drought, and a welcomed sight for anyone still pining for a winter adventure on the active volcano.

Shasta Mountain Guides posted these beautiful photos on Monday of the mountain covered in fresh powder (scroll through to see them all):

What’s even better is the mountain is expected to see even more snow this week, with a storm expected to hit the region Wednesday through Friday.

Unfortunately, the Mt. Shasta Ski Park closed more than a month ago due to lack of snowfall. But there’s still some opportunity for snowy fun at Bunny Flat or Snowman’s Hill. Enjoy the second winter while you can!

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