Professional Trail Runner Completes the Lost Coast Trail in Record Time

The 55-mile trail goes from Usal Beach in Mendocino County to the Mattole River near Petrolia, California

Along the longest stretch of undrivable coastline in California, there is a rugged 55-mile stretch of land that’s very popular among hikers. Now, it’s also a destination for professional trail runners.

On March 8, 2018, 32-year-old Dylan Bowman broke the record for completing the famous Lost Coast Trail in just 11 hours, 12 minutes and 8 seconds, a feat that usually takes even the most seasoned hikers 4 to 5 days. Parts of the trail are only accessible during low tide, making timing a very important aspect of the journey.

Photo: Justin Sund

The trail goes from Usal Beach in Mendocino County to the Mattole River near Petrolia, California. To avoid high tides, Bowman started the run at 3 am and still nearly had to jump up off the beach fearing he be hit with the powerful ocean waves. He beat the previous record on the Lost Coast Trail by an hour and a half.

The Lost Coast Trail is a remote section of the Northern California shoreline, including the 68,000 acres of protected landscape called the King Range National Conservation Area. The area is a smorgasbord of wildlife activity, with Bears, mountain lions, elk, elephant seals, golden eagles, and peregrine falcons all calling it home. Twice a day, the trail disappears due to high tide.

Following the accomplishment, Bowman said he believes the Lost Coast Trail is a future site for world class trail runners. He believes that with the perfect conditions, someone could complete the trek in just over nine hours.

Congratulations to Dylan Bowman. Keep pushing yourself and we’ll keep watching!

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