See What It Takes To Hike Humboldt’s Lost Coast Trail

A mention of the Lost Coast should never be omitted from any comprehensive discussion of California’s best outdoor attractions. The misplaced shoreline accommodates nearly 100 miles of unadulterated beaches. It’s the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline in the continental United States.

Those up for the hike of a lifetime can take a three-day excursion down the Lost Coast. Hikers begin their journey at Mattole Road to the north, and trek all the way south to Shelter Cove, which remains one of the few signs of civilization in the area. On the 72-hour trudge, explorers get to see epic ocean views, sprawling forests, open prairies and unique wildlife. The adventure down the seaboard is a meditative and peaceful endeavor as you may not see another human being the entire way.

Go along with Youtuber and experienced backpacker Lisa Michelle as she provides useful tips and describes each section of the trail:

The Lost Coast Trail is a remote section of the Northern California shoreline, including the 68,000 acres of protected landscape called the King Range National Conservation Area. The area is a smorgasbord of wildlife activity, with Bears, mountain lions, elk, elephant seals, golden eagles, and peregrine falcons all calling it home. Twice a day, the trail disappears due to high tide.

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