Speed Demon: Skier Surpasses 100 MPH at Sugar Bowl Resort

Think you’ve gone fast on the slopes? Well let’s put your speed to the test against a retired World Cup ski racer, who just hit a speed milestone in Northern California.

Retired ski racer Daron Rahlves surpassed a speed of 101 MPH at Sugar Bowl Resort in Tahoe at the end of April. Following two runs in the mid-90’s, Rahlves was able to surpass 100 MPH for the first time in his career.

Rahlves took to social media to celebrate his new personal best:

Disclaimer, only a professional with years of experience should try and match it. New personal speed record set …101 MPH With three spotters (Thanks Boys!) and a clear run top to bottom progress was made on each run…94, 99, then 101MPH. Had the perfect combination of a long smooth run, fast spring snow and cloud coverage keeping the surface greasy. 

Daron Rahlves

The official ski speed record was set by Italian skier Men-Ivan Origone in 2016 at 158.424 mph.

Congrats on the new feat, Daron! Keep pushing the sport!

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