The Best Jokes from April Fools’ Day 2021 in Northern California

April 1st has become a fun day for everyone. It gives even the most serious organizations the opportunity to let loose and let their imaginations run wild.

Honestly, April Fool’s Day has become one of our favorite days of the year. There are so many fun articles we can write and turn the website into a Onion-style theme for the day. We also love the backlash when people get angry at us for posting the articles. Where’s your sense of humor, people?

For April Fool’s Day 2021, there was no shortage of fun being had on the internet. Various NorCal organizations released their form of humor onto the world. First, let’s start with the fun Active NorCal had today:

Geological Survey Reveals Mt. Shasta WILL Erupt In Matter Of Months

This is the fifth year we’ve done this April Fool’s Day prank. And it’s the fifth time it’s worked. With over 1,000 Facebook shares and reactions from laughter to anger, it was a complete success. Over 20,000 people read this article today – a new record. As long as it keeps getting laughs, we’re going to do it again in 2020.

Here’s the article

Officials Considering Renaming Burney Falls to ‘Bernie’ After Famed Politician

We had to double down on our Bernie Sanders meme, which was wildly popular. So, we used the meme to create an article about the renaming of Burney Falls to “Bernie” Falls. Of course, anytime you get politics involved, people go crazy.

Read the article

Okay, enough about us. We weren’t the only people to have a little fun today. Here are some of the other fun jokes we saw from NorCal:

Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office

California Highway Patrol – Redding

Lava Beds National Monument

SYRCL – The South Yuba River Citizens League

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

Active NorCal

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