The Charred Surroundings of Redding’s Iconic Bridge is a Sobering Sight

We’ve seen the photos and videos of the massive flames of the Carr Fire. We’ve seen the devastation of the burned down homes and destroyed neighborhoods. We’ve seen the photos of the deceased – the people who weren’t able to survive the 100-foot-wall of fire that raged through Shasta County.

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Now, it’s the surroundings around the iconic bridge sitting over the Sacramento River in Redding that provides a sobering revelation.

California Highway Patrol released two side-by-side images of the ribbon bridge that traverses Redding’s Sacramento River as part of the beloved Sacramento River Trail on Tuesday, showing the burnt remains of a Shasta County icon. Take a look at the photos below:

The two photos show the once beautiful landscape of the Sacramento River trail now burnt to a crisp in the aftermath of the Carr Fire. It’s a sobering sight as more photographs of the area’s iconic outdoor destinations are emerging.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve crossed that bridge, usually stopping to watch the calm flow of the Sacramento River below. I remember biking that bridge when I was a child. I remember strolling over that bridge as an adult. I know just how much that small bridge means to the town of Redding.

“I bet its gorgeous with wildflowers in a year or two.” said photographer Cory Poole in the comments of the Facebook post.

It’s a sobering sight indeed. But alas, we must remain positive. And Cory’s right, rising from the ashes will once again be the unfettered beauty of Northern California once again.

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