The Top 10 Legends of Northern California | Talking NorCal

On this episode of the Talking NorCal podcast, Zach and Bob go through the 10 greatest legends of Northern California including the real life Zorro (5:07), the curse of Tenaya Canyon (11:28), the haunted ghost town of Bodie (18:26), frozen bodies at the bottom of Lake Tahoe (25:01), Saint Germain on Mount Shasta (32:16), JFK and Marilyn Monroe rendezvous in NorCal (38:12), buried treasure from the Gold Rush (46:49), Tahoe Tessie (55:34), Lemurians in Mount Shasta (1:06:04) and the many sightings of Bigfoot (1:17:40).

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Telling the Stories of Northern California

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