Watch: Kayaking Down a Flooded Avenue of the Giants

With significant flooding drowning the road through Humboldt’s famed Avenue of the Giants, the road became closed to motorists in March 2019. That enabled an enthusiastic family to go kayaking where no one had ever gone kayaking before.

Carl and Larissa Richardson took advantage of the otherwise inconvenient flooding and brought there kids to the flooded road for a kayak adventure in the Avenue of the Giants. The video is a stunningly different view of the area we all know well:

What a cool way to take advantage of otherwise bad flooding. We salute the Richardsons, who clearly enjoy the great outdoors of Northern California and have wonderful creativity in the face of bad weather.

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  1. Yo, HUMBOLDT! Is this an April Fool’s joke? You guys went Kayaking down the Avenue of the Giants- and you didn’t get busted? wow. The water is so clear you can see the yellow lines. Wait- Richardson? HAHA! Right, as in Richardson’s Grove. [Any relation?] Like, YEAH, we can kayak here. Bring your life jackets. Oars UP!

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