‘Exceptionally Dangerous’ Heatwave Continues Throughout Northern California this Week

A wild weekend of weather throughout Northern California included excessive heat, booming thunder, thousands of lightning strikes and a “firenado.” While more thunderstorms could produce lightning in the early part of the week, it’s the rare heatwave that is a cause for concern for residents.

Multiple heat records were shattered in the area over the weekend, as Sacramento, Modesto and Stockton all posted temperatures over 111 degrees on Sunday. The heatwave will continue through Monday and Tuesday, with the National Weather Service calling the weather conditions “exceptionally dangerous.”

Temperatures are expected to exceed 110 degrees in multiple NorCal locations on Monday and Tuesday:

The NWS has made clear that the prolonged excessive heat is the reason the temperatures are “exceptionally dangerous”:

A Red Flag Fire Warning will continue through Monday as fire officials continue to deal with lightning fires from the Bay Area to the Oregon border:

Be sure to stay hydrated, stay indoors and stay safe during this wild week of weather in Northern California.

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