WATCH: Climbing Mount Shasta in 85-mph Winds

Climbing to the peak of Mount Shasta is no easy task. Add 85-mph winds to the equation and it’s very, very difficult. That’s why this video is so impressive.

Not only were the people behind the livehardxlovehard YouTube page able to summit Shasta in one day (most people do it in two days), they also braved intense winds to reach the top of the mountain. It shows the difficulty and danger around climbing the crown of California.

Here’s there description of the video:

Hovering just over 14,000FT, Mt. Shasta mountain is a legendary active volcano in Northern California. Climbing (or hiking, if you can call it that) to the top in the winter and spring months requires mountaineering 7,000FT straight up through the snow and ice of Avalanche Gulch, only reaching the summit after a crawl up the infamous Misery Hill. While most people break the hike up into two days, we decided to challenge ourselves and see if we could summit Mt. Shasta in a single day. While we accounted for as many of the elements as we could, our weather forecast vastly underestimated the wind gusts at the summit, where we were forced to battle against 85 mph wind to reach the top. Type 2 fun at its finest! DISCLAIMER: The climb to the top of Mt. Shasta is a technical route. It should not be attempted without the proper gear and experience. As always, hike at your own risk.

Watch the video above to see the intense climb of Shasta in these harrowing conditions.

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