Wild Turkey Survives for Months with Arrow Through Its Chest in Monterey County

In a bewildering yet inspiring tale, a wild turkey, dubbed Cupid, has been living with a 2½-foot arrow lodged through its chest for months in Monterey County. Shot at the beginning of the year, the turkey defied the odds, continuing its daily routine of eating, flying, and roosting despite the impalement.

“She is such a survivor and doing so well with this arrow through her,” Beth Brookhouser, spokesperson for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Monterey County. “I think people can find that inspirational that she is pulling through and acting like normal with this pretty gruesome injury.”

The arrow, striking through both sides of the turkey’s chest, has not stopped her from flying up into trees with fellow turkeys or evading predators. Guy Churchward, a local resident who photographs wildlife, came across the arrowed turkey in May and decided to name her Cupid. He aimed to draw attention to Cupid’s perseverance by documenting her story.

See a video of Cupid:

The incident has alarmed wildlife enthusiasts and organizations. Brookhouser emphasized that the Monterey Peninsula is cherished for its wildlife and condemned the cruelty exhibited in the turkey’s case: “This is cruel. This is inhumane.”

Despite this ordeal, Cupid’s flock has not abandoned her, signifying her good health. The SPCA and other groups hope the attention drawn to Cupid’s story will help authorities locate the perpetrator. Additionally, they anticipate the exposure will deter further harm to wildlife.

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