13-Year-Old Becomes the Youngest to Swim Across Lake Tahoe

At the age of 13-years-old, James Savage accomplished the extraordinary feat of swimming across Lake Tahoe, becoming the youngest person ever to finish the 12-mile swim known as the “Godfather” swim.

On July 30, Savage took to the water on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe at Cave Rock at 4:30 am. Just 6 hours and 59 minuted later, he arrived at the Godfather Mansion in Homewood, completing the long swim before noon.

It was just another day in the water for Savage, who was trailed by a support boat with his mom and dad, Captain Tom Linthicum and his training partner/official observer Meg Omainsky. After the swim, he was able to do “normal kid stuff” in the area like ride bikes and eat at Bert’s Cafe. It’s a reminder that groundbreaking athletes come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

While the accomplishment of the “Godfather” swim will always be a seminal moment for savage, he still has plenty of open-water swimming achievements he wants to chase. In fact, he’s now completed two of the three swims in the Tahoe Triple Crown, with his completion of the 10.6-mile Vikingsholm swim last year. He plans to complete the Triple Crown with the 21.3-mile Length swim next summer.

Congrats to James for an unbelievable achievement at the ripe age of 13! Follow along with Savage’s swimming accomplishments with his Facebook page here.

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