Ice Fishing on Castle Lake and NorCal’s New Mapmaker Ryan Spitz | Talking NorCal Podcast

On the inaugural edition of the Talking NorCal Podcast, Zach and Bob discuss California’s impending water wars and the effects of upcoming water projects in Northern California (2:31). Then they get into the NorCal Notes of the week including some NorCal cities seeing the driest February on Record, the brand-new “Redwood Canopy Walk” at the Sequoia Park Zoo, the end of California’s striped bass mandate, the successful rescue mission of Marin County hikers and the new expansion at Redding’s Caldwell Park (8:50). Then Zach sits down with Ryan Spitz, the owner of Shasta Trail Runs and founder of California Untamed to discuss all his adventures in NorCal (32:47). Finally, Zach and Bob finish the pod sharing their experience ice fishing on Mt. Shasta’s Castle Lake (102:49).

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