Camp Fire Grows to 100,000 Acres, Now 20 Percent Contained

The Camp Fire in Butte County became the most destructive fire in California’s history after just 36 hours of burning. Now, after burning for 48 hours, the fire sits at 100,000 acres burned, but now with 20 percent containment.

The news of devastation shocked the community on Friday, with basically little to nothing standing in the town of Paradise after the fire swiftly moved through the small, forested community east of Chico. As of now, 6,453 houses have burned, 260 commercial structures and destroyed and nine confirmed people are dead.

It is a fire that will undoubtedly be felt in the community for many years to come.

As firefighters made a diligent stronghold along the east side of Chico, not allowing the flames to move into the college town with 100,000 people, the flames have shifted south, moving towards Oroville. 15,000 structures still remained threatened.

The fire is reported to be cause by a spark from Pacific Gas and Electric power lines in the Feather River Canyon. PG&E had warned customers that it may be forced to shut off power in the area due to the high fire risk warning forecasted for the entire state. In the end, they decided against turning off the power, just before the spark started the flames.

Many local landmarks were destroyed in the Camp Fire. Foster’s Freeze, Paradise Elementary School, Evergreen 6, the Gold Nugget Museum and Norton Buffalo Hall were all destroyed. The Honey Run Bridge, a historic local landmark, was also destroyed. Ace Hardware, Feather River Hospital and Paradise High School are miraculously still standing.

Apocalyptic sights were scene throughout Paradise on Thursday night. A small “Firenado” was filmed in the area, giving horrific flashbacks to the devastating Carr Fire. Cars were trapped by the flames as people were forced to flee their cars and hope to find an escape route amidst the chaos. Many of the fatalities confirmed were people burned to death in their cars on the side of the road. A list of mission persons was published by Action News Now on Friday, as friends and family fear the worst for their loved ones.

The 20 percent containment brings a sigh of relief to surrounding communities, but the fire danger is far from over. Extreme fire conditions return to the area on Saturday evening and are forecasted to last through Monday. Not only will the Camp Fire have a danger of growing, but new fires could have a chance to spark up over the weekend. Use extreme fire caution when going outdoors.

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