CHP Lambasts Truckers for Dumping Bags of Feces, Urine Along Donner Pass

When you’re heading east or west on Highway 80 near Tahoe’s Donner Pass, it’s not unusual to see semi-trucks parked along the highway. The steep grade going up and down the pass is infamous for chain controls as well as brake check areas for truckers throughout the drive.

CHP took to social media to bring light to a problem that comes with this frequent truck stopping and threatening to cite truckers who illegally stop along the roadway and litter:

Of course, some people in the comments section fought back, claiming that truckers in California have very little options.

“How about equal rights for drivers by providing more facilities and truck stops?” wrote Mike Cox. “80 in Cali only has a select few spots, (as well as the rest of the state) and most you have to pay to park and is difficult to get in and out of. Most truckers HATE going to California with a passion for that and many other reasons.”

But it was mostly support for the CHP and criticizing the practice of illegal dumping.

“As a truck driver I am embarrassed that these people do this kind of crap,” wrote David Ryland. “It makes life out here on the road much, much harder for the rest of us. “

There’s no doubt that truckers have a difficult job to do, but is that any reason to dispose of this disgusting waste on one of America’s most beautiful destinations? I say no.

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