Redding’s Famed Eagles Welcome New Eaglets to Their Nest

Excitement fills the air as the Redding Eagle Family welcomes new eaglets to their nest, with the second eaglet hatching on Thursday.

At approximately 1:07 p.m., observers witnessed a significant moment as a tiny hole or crack appeared in the eggshell, signaling the beginning of the second eaglet’s journey into the world. Friends of the Redding Eagles shared the thrilling news on their Facebook page:

Meanwhile, Eaglet #1, now two days old, is thriving under the attentive care of its devoted parents, Liberty and Guardian. With unwavering dedication, the eagle pair has been diligently feeding and nurturing the young eaglet, fostering its growth and development.

As Eaglets undergo an astonishing transformation, growing from a mere 3 inches to an impressive 3 feet in just three months, they will spend approximately 11 to 12 weeks in the nest under the watchful eyes of their parents. This nurturing period culminates in their first significant flight, known as “fledging.”

The Redding Eagle Family invites viewers to join them in following the remarkable journey of these majestic birds. You can watch the nest 24 hours a day on their YouTube livestream here:

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