Dozens of Travelers Needed to Be Rescued on Snowy Tahoe Pass

It was a particularly snowy day on New Years Eve 2022, leaving dozens of drivers stranded in their cars on the roads around Lake Tahoe.

The atmospheric river provided heavy snowfall and strong winds that made it nearly impossible for vehicles to maneuver through Donner Pass, and dozens of cars got stuck on the roads for hours on end. To rescue those stranded on the roads, local authorities and volunteers worked together to dig out cars and provide assistance to those in need.

“This is what can happen when you attempt to drive in snow with a vehicle not designed for it,” wrote Caltrans in a Tweet showing them towing cars out of the snow.

At one point on New Years Eve, all four major roadways in the Tahoe Basin were forced to close due to flooding and heavy snow: Interstate 80, Highway 50, Highway 49, and Route 89.

Interstate 80 was eventually able to reopen to a beautiful bluebird view on New Year:

In the end, no major injuries were reported, but the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of being prepared for winter weather. It’s always a good idea to carry an emergency kit in your car, including warm blankets, water, and non-perishable food, in case you find yourself stranded on the road. Additionally, it’s important to check the weather forecast before hitting the road and to be extra cautious when driving in snowy or icy conditions.

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