Cars Found Abandoned, Buried in Snow in the Middle of the Mt. Rose Highway

The New Year’s Eve storm that buried Tahoe in 4 feet of snowfall was a nightmare for travelers. When the roadways were open, cars were getting stuck all over the roadway. At the storm’s peak, all four major roadways in the Tahoe Basin were closed.

In the afternoon on Saturday, the Mt. Rose Highway closed due to heavy snowfall and blizzard conditions. It’s still unclear exactly what happened during that closure, but travelers on the highway came across an odd sight on New Year’s Day with cars abandoned and buried in the middle of the road.

Photos show the cars plowed around and left buried on the sunny Sunday morning:

The storm brought plenty of snow and rain to Northern California, including heavy snowfall in the Sierra and significant flooding throughout the foothills and valley. The rain and snow are expected to continue throughout the week. Let’s hope travelers are prepared this time around.

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