Rainfall Finally Ends Sacramento’s Record-Setting 212-Day Dry Streak

Photo: Sacramento State/Andrea Price

We all know that Northern California has been in the midst of a historic drought, but sometimes the unprecedented dryness is forgotten when taking in the sunshine. The sun isn’t shining on Sacramento today and that’s a really good thing.

With rain falling on Downtown Sacramento Sunday evening, the city ended its record-setting 212-day dry streak. It wasn’t much, but the city received 0.05 inches in the past 24 hours – enough measurable precipitation to end the dry streak that had never been seen by modern humans. There has been no measurable rain in the city since March 19, 2021.

The last time Sacramento saw such a dry summer was in 1880, when no rain fell for 194 days.

The first big storm of the season was felt throughout Northern California from the North Coast all the way down to the Bay Area and Yosemite. Snowfall was seen on Mount Shasta, Lassen Peak, Tahoe and the Eastern Sierra mountains.

It was a welcomed sight for an area devastated by drought and wildfire and it may not stop here. Another storm is forecast for later this week and long-term forecasts show a massive storm heading for the region next weekend. From rags to riches, NorCal finally has water once again.

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