Ring of Fire: Snowboarders Climb and Ride Down NorCal’s Two Active Volcanos

When discussing the outdoors of far Northern California, two of the main destinations you’ll likely hear about are Mount Shasta and Lassen Peak. Both mountains are active volcanos and which sit within the Ring of Fire, a semicircle of volcanoes surrounding the Pacific Ocean. They are also a legendary destination for outdoor adventurers.

Teton Gravity launched a video series called Ring of Fire, where snowboarders climb and descend down active volcanos. The first episode featured NorCal’s famed volcanos, showing the beauty and danger that comes on the slopes of each. The episode is a great visual experience to see the outdoor adventure opportunities in our own backyard.

Here is a description of the episode from Teton Gravity:

The two southernmost volcanoes in the Cascade Range kick off the Ring of Fire adventures, Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta. Accompanied by a few friends, Danny Kern and Nicholas Cahill were eager to start logging vert and navigating their way up and down these iconic mountains. With a bit too much excitement to start, the guys learn a very important lesson on Lassen after a close call, “that’s the sketchiest thing that is going to happen on this trip” Nick reassures Danny after the incident.

Watch the entire episode here:

After conquering NorCal’s volcanos, the Ring of Fire crew headed up to Oregon to hit their active volcanos. You can watch the entire Ring of Fire series on their YouTube page

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