This Lenticular Cloud that Appeared Over Mt. Shasta Yesterday Looks Like a UFO


Mount Shasta is known to marvel onlookers with a lenticular cloud show every now and again, and anyone lucky enough to be in the immediate vicinity of the mountain recently received a breathtaking show of nature.

There are many legends surrounding Mount Shasta, including that aliens live inside the mountain and use lenticular clouds to cover their UFO’s as they come in and out of the mountain. After seeing January 31st’s lenticular cloud, it’s hard to argue that theory.

See yesterday’s lenticular that looks just like a UFO:

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Before I went to sleep last night // I asked Saint Germain to take me to Venus // this morning i wake up to this huge Venusian StarShip // hovering by Mt Shasta // I did go home to Venus last night // I was with my Family // we laughed a lot // I received a pink star // a spiritual tool // I need now on Earth // during the ascension // I miss eternity // the only place on Earth // holding this Venusian Love frequency // is found on 4 special portals on Mt Shasta // the mission is the heart // The 5D Earth awaits you // compassion // #mtshasta #mountshasta #ufo #cloudship #venus #venusianenergy #venusians #starseed #starseeds #spiritual #spiritualawakening #spiritualretreat #ascension #ascendedmasters #saintgermain #sanatkumara #sanandakumara #loveyou #5d #fifthdimension #lightworker #embodiment #being #mtshastaspiritualtours

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