WATCH: NorCal Soldier Receives Heartfelt Welcome Home from Dog

While Sacramento resident Casandra Cabrera was deployed in Djibouti, Africa serving with the Army for the last 11 months, she was worried that her beloved dog Missy May wouldn’t remember her when she returned. So when Cabrera told her family she’d be coming home for Thanksgiving, everyone was watching to see how Missy May would welcome her long lost best friend.

Missy May was there to greet Cabrera as she arrived at the Sacramento Airport and a heartfelt scene ensued. Here is the video of Missy May greeting Cabrera:

Is there any better love than a dog and its owner? Cabrera was greeted with an incredible enthusiasm that just makes your heart melt.

Of course, the video went viral, since there’s just nothing better than watching an excited dog reunited with her best friend. A BIG thanks to Cabrera for her service and thanks to Missy May for holding down the fort while she’s deployed!

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