Go Behind the Scenes of the Viral Top-to-Bottom Ski Run on Mammoth Mountain

When Bobby Brown pulled of this epic top-to-bottom run on Mammoth Mountain, it took the internet by storm, being picked up by a ton of websites and garnering millions of views.

When you first watch the video, you might say to yourself “it’s pretty impressive to pull that off in one run.” You are absolutely right, with Brown pulling off a 3-minute run all the way down the mountain with 17 incredible tricks.

See it here:

But what we learned is that it also took a ton of work from many people to pull off.

A video released b Mono County Tourism shows that this viral video was a lot of hard work that depended on many variables. Not only did Bobby Brown have to perform all the way down the mountain, but weather and camera conditions played a huge factor as well.

Check out the behind the scenes video:

This video was planned to every detail. They mapped out a run and brought a crew to build the features. Then they had to wait for the weather to be perfect. Then they had to make sure the camera was in perfect position the entire run. Then Bobby Brown had to land all of these incredibly difficult tricks.

And to put icing on the cake, he threw a triple backflip to end the run. Thanks for the awesome video, Bobby Brown!

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