What the Heck Happened to this Trout Caught on the Sacramento River?

When you’re a fishing guide in Northern California, there are plenty of odd things you might see on the water. The wildlife surrounding a waterway is home to plenty of odd sightings, typically between a predator and prey. But after all the days we’ve spent on the water, it’s hard to explain this one…

The Kennedy Brothers are a popular fishing guide outfit in Northern California. They share their fishing experiences on their popular Instagram page, and this odd-looking fish had us scratching our heads:

When the question “how did this happen?’ appeared with the video, it came with plenty of guesses/theories.

“Eagle, Owl or Large Hawk” replied one commenter. “Osprey,” guessed another. “Definitely a heron,” exerted someone. “Dahmer,” said one person jokingly.

The truth of the matter is we will never know exactly how this otherwise beautiful fish got a huge hole in its head. It was likely due to an avian predator, which are usually fantastic hunters on the Sacramento River. In fact, the Kennedy Brothers once had a pretty gnarly confrontation with an osprey on the river:

When it comes to catching fish, humans certainly aren’t the best at it on the Sac River! We’re happy this fished survived another day in the water.

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