Windy, Dry Conditions Bring Red Flag Fire Warning to Northern California

While there have been small grass fires throughout Northern California in recent weeks, the fire conditions this week symbolize the beginning of wildfire season in the area. With the dry conditions this winter, it could be a difficult one.

The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for much of the valley in NorCal through June 18th, warning that heavy winds and dry landscape are ripe for fire conditions. The warning extends through the middle of NorCal from Redding all the way down to Modesto.

With low humidity, winds are expected to reach up to 35 mph in parts of NorCal, creating perfect conditions for grass fires that are easily spread.

A Red Flag Warning is the highest alert given for fire scenarios. During heightened fire danger, CAL FIRE will place additional firefighters on duty, staff more fire engines and keep more equipment on 24 hours a day to be able to respond to any new fires.

CAL FIRE urges Californians to be extremely cautious, especially during periods of high fire danger. It’s important all residents and vistors take steps to prevent wildfires. One less spark could mean one less wildfire.

In most wilderness areas under the control of the National Forest Service, campfires are strictly prohibited, including in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and Tahoe National Forest. For more information on preparing for wildfires, go to

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