Yosemite National Park Declares the End of Fire Season

Yosemite National Park officials have officially declared the end of the fire season following a season-ending event, which is defined as the accumulation of two or more inches of precipitation after October 1. With recent rainfall and snowfall, the park has surpassed this threshold, signifying the conclusion of the fire season.

The fire danger has consistently remained “Low” for the past several days, with more precipitation expected in the forecast. This declaration marks the end of fire season as of November 19, 2023, bringing relief to the park and its visitors.

With the conclusion of the fire season, residential pile burning has been authorized. Residential pile burning is a vital measure for reducing fire hazards and can only be conducted on days designated as permissible burn days. Property owners and residents must strictly adhere to all burning guidelines to ensure safety.

To assist property owners and residents in conducting safe pile burning, a comprehensive step-by-step guide has been made available as a reference.

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