A Massive Atmospheric River is Stretching 8,000 Miles from Indonesia to Northern California

The storm that landed in Northern California this week is one heck of an atmospheric river. The narrow band of strong winds is carrying moisture across the Pacific Ocean and dumping large amounts of precipitation on the western United States. In fact, one continuous atmospheric river is currently connecting the weather patterns between California and Indonesia.

A satellite image taken by NASA shows how the 8,000-mile storm is currently crossing the Pacific Ocean and landing in NorCal:

The snow levels are unfortunately high in this storm, with rain falling below 8,000 feet through much of the region. The large amount of rain should be helpful for the region, with the National Weather Service forecasting up to 5 inches through Wednesday:

The second section of the storm is expected to land in the area on Wednesday night, with colder temperatures dropping the snow down to 4,000 feet. Here’s the full timeline:

Buckle up for a wild week to end the year! Stay safe and prepare for difficult travel.

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