Bear Finds Lost GoPro in the Sierra Backcountry and Hilariously Records Himself Playing with It

The bears of Tahoe have learned how to brilliantly get their hands on human food, and it typically comes with a lot of curiosity and trial and error. That’s why it’s no surprise that when a bear found a lost GoPro in the Sierra backcountry, he messed around with it to determine if there was any food inside. Instead, he turned it on and started recording himself.

Dylan Schilt was snowmobiling in the backcountry when he came across a GoPro in the snow. When he brought it home and looked at the footage, he realized it had a curious bear recorded on it. Here’s Schilt’s description of the above video footage:

I was up in the mountains when I stumbled across a GoPro that was lost while snowmobiling. When I got back to camp I charged it up and couldn’t believe what I saw. After four months of it sitting there, a big old black bear found it and not only managed to turn it on but also started recording himself playing with it. Hands down the craziest thing I’ve ever found!

Imagine seeing that on a found GoPro! So funny.

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