Blizzard Warning Issued for Large Portion of the Sierra with 7 Feet of Snow in the Forecast

Photo: Palisades Tahoe

California’s mammoth snowpack is about to get even bigger.

The National Weather Service has issued a Blizzard Warning through a large section of the Sierra Nevada from Monday through Wednesday. The warning is astonishingly large, stretching from Lassen Volcanic National Park all the way down past Mammoth:

The warning was issued due to large accumulations of snow at low elevation, with the possibility for more than 2 feet between 2,000 and 3,000 feet. At higher elevations, 7 feet of snow is expected.

“AVOID TRAVEL TOMORROW – WEDNESDAY!” wrote the NWS on Twitter. “Especially Monday – early Wednesday! Extreme impacts from heavy snow & winds will cause extremely dangerous to impossible driving conditions & likely widespread road closures & infrastructure impacts!”

After a massive storm dropped multiple feet of snow on the Sierra, along with heavy snow accumulations as far down as sea level, the snowfall isn’t expected to stop soon. Expect full road closures this week.

Stay safe, NorCal. This is exactly what we need!

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