Check Out this GIANT 20-Pound Mackinaw Caught on Lake Tahoe

Although Lake Tahoe isn’t mentioned in the same breath as Northern California’s top fishing destinations, you can still catch some beasts in Big Blue. The good folks at Tahoe Sportfishing proved that once again by landing a 20-pound ma in the lake.

Tahoe Sport Fishing is the largest fishing charter outfit on Lake Tahoe and they have the 20-year experience to help you catch one of the unique fish of the lake. You’ll mostly see some rainbow trout or Kokanee salmon coming out of Tahoe, but every once in a while, you can land a big ol’ mackinaw (which is a type of trout).

Captain Zach and Anthony were recently able to land this monster fish for a hearty meal:

What a beast! We’ve seen them land some big fish in Lake Tahoe, but never that big. If you want to fish on Lake Tahoe, we highly suggest Tahoe Sport Fishing. Check out what they offer:

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