Dangerous Levels of E. Coli Turn Yuba River Yellow

Odd-colored water in Englebright Lake. Photo: NEVADA COUNTY PARKS DEPARTMENT

A “No Swim Advisory” has been issued on the South Yuba River in Nevada County as dangerous levels of E. Coli have turned the water yellow.

The water just below Englebright Lake has shown unnerving colors recently, forcing officials to take water samples to determine what exactly is causing the discoloration. While the samples have not yet been analyzed, officials believe the E. Coli is dangerous for any swimming activity.

Photo: Kelly M. Grow/California Department Of Water Resources

“It appears to have high level of sediments of unknown origin suspended in the water creating potentially unsafe river conditions for all people and animals,” county officials said in a statement.

High levels of E. Coli can cause swimmers to become ill when coming in contact. Symptoms would include diarrhea, stomach pains and a fever.

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