Yosemite Park Ranger Teaches Important Lesson About Baby Deer in the Wild

Recently at Yosemite National Park, a visitor came across a seemingly abandoned fawn in the wild. Hoping to help, the person picked up the baby deer and took it over to the trailhead. When they found a park ranger, they learned a lesson in nature.

The park ranger quickly took the deer and explained to the person the fawn was sitting in that spot, seemingly abandoned.

“In order to avoid attracting predators, adult female deer frequently leave their nearly scentless and well camouflaged fawns alone as they forage in the distance,” Yosemite NP wrote on social media. “If you see a seemingly abandoned fawn, please leave it alone. Its mother will return soon to nurse and protect it.”

It’s an important lesson for people going into nature – leave the wildlife alone! Each species is different and everything they do is in order to get a meal and survive.

Unfortunately, this encounter actually endangered the fawn, leaving a scent on its fur that could potentially attract a predator. Hopefully the mother made it back quickly to properly protect the infant. But it remains a valuable lesson to leave nature be when heading into the outdoors.

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