Freak Accident: Did a Burning Hay Truck Start the Delta Fire?

As the Delta Fire plows along Interstate 5 between Lakehead and Dunsmuir near Lake Shasta, people are showing the aftermath of the beginning of the fast-moving flames. Big rig trucks were abandoned and some burned to the ground as motorists fled the scene.

Trying to wrap our heads around the madness, a story of how the fire started has began making its rounds on the internet. The story has not been confirmed by any officials, but it seems rather convincing considering the circumstances. Here’s how it goes:

A CHP website described a chaotic scene on I-5 - One post described a hay truck on fire, a man falling off of a semi-truck to put out the flames, four to five big rigs catching fire and culvert under I-5 ablaze.

Now, with reports of a hay truck on fire, a photo was circling the internet showing that exact truck:

According to internet hearsay, a blown tire on the freeway sent a spark into a hay truck igniting the hay. Due to dry and windy conditions, the flames quickly ignited either side of I-5 and ballooned to 2,000 acres in a matter of hours.

Of course, photos of the scene show trucks burned to the ground. Maybe one was the hay truck?

Photo by Damon Arthur

We will wait to confirm the exact cause of this fire, but these freakish circumstances actually seem reasonably plausible. We will continue updating the story as it is made available.

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