Devastating Video Shows the Burnt Town of Greenville Immediately Following the Dixie Fire

On the night of August 4, 2021, the massive flames of the Dixie Fire converged on the small town of Greenville, California, burning almost everything in sight. Video taken behind the scenes show the devastation of the fire in the small town.

As the fire picked up steam that fateful evening, it moved through Main Street with an apocalyptic fervor. The result was near complete loss in Greenville, with most of the buildings in the beautiful small town being reduced to ash and rubble. A videographer was granted access to the area following the fire, showing sheer devastation on Main St. See the below three videos to get a glimpse of the impact of the fire:

Since the blaze destroyed the town of Greenville, it has gone on to become the largest single wildfire in California’s history. While more towns are currently at risk of being the fire’s next victim, we can only hope that firefighters are able to curtail the flames.

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