Drone Footage Shows a Little Creek Where Lake Oroville Once Stood

The extreme drought in Northern California has been highlighted by the already historic wildfire season experienced throughout the region. While seemingly all eyes are on these devastating fires, NorCal lakes continue to shrink to the size of a little creek.

More drone footage has been released over Lake Oroville showing a tiny string of water flowing through the deep valleys of the once massive lake. Local fishing guide and YouTuber Bass Union has been stifled by the access to Lake Oroville, so he has used his time filming the depressingly low water levels with his drone. Here is what he said about the video her filmed (above):

It’s 8/28/21 and Lake Oroville is at a historic low water level of 631ft and dropping a foot daily. I am a local bass fishing guide in the area with zero access to the lake because all of the ramps have shut down. Unable to guide I decided to get some drone footage of different parts of the lake showcasing the detrimental affects that this drought is causing the lake and those relying on it. The sky is filled with smoke from the horrific Dixie Fire. Pray for rain…

This is the second time he’s used his drone to show low water at Lake Oroville. Here’s another video he filmed just last week showing a different region of the lake with the same problem:

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