Fishermen Catch GIANT Green Sturgeon on the Sacramento River

A group of lucky fishermen landed the fish of a lifetime on the Sacramento River recently, when they were able to catch a giant green sturgeon.

Feeding Frenzy Sportfishing, operated by Rickey Acosta, was able to catch the rare sturgeon recently on the river, which they were able to safely release without leaving the water:

“Not every day, or every lifetime, do you get to see a Green Sturgeon. This prehistoric fish is a survivalist. This particular fish is missing a fin and still put up a great fight,” the fishing guide wrote on Instagram.

While the photo of the sturgeon and the fishermen was impressive, the video of the fish on the line gives an up-close look:

While catching sturgeon in the waters of Northern California isn’t particularly rare, most of them are white sturgeon. The rare green sturgeon is a prehistoric, captivating fish.

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