Fishermen Lands Two 40-Pound Striped Bass in One Hour on the Sacramento River

Fishing guide Mike Rasmussen is no stranger to landing monster striped bass on the Sacramento River, but even for him, the hour of fishing he saw the night of February 8 was extraordinary. Rasmussen was guiding his client Tim Rojoski that night when they landed not one, but two 40 pound striped bass.

They began the hour with a 48 inch, 40 pound plus striped bass that was a sight to see:

Then, they doubled down on the evening with another 40 pounder in the same hour, this one measuring in at 45 inches:

And to add to the awesome fishing story, they released the beautiful beasts back into the river:

What a night! That’s quite the haul for any fishermen and the perfect testament to the hogs sitting in our beautiful Sacramento River.

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