From the Ashes: Sierra-at-Tahoe Announces Opening Day Following Caldor Fire Restoration

Just a year after the Caldor Fire swept through Sierra-at-Tahoe, the ski resort has announced its opening day for the 2022-23 season. It’s a remarkable story showing the hard work and resilience following another devastating Northern California wildfire.

On December 3rd, the popular mountain sitting on the southwest side of Lake Tahoe will make its anticipated reopening after the fire burned through much of the terrain. The repair was nothing short of astounding, with the resort essentially rebuilding an entire resort in just a little over a year.

“With 5 haul ropes + communication lines replaced, 15 million board feet of timber removed, over 700 acres of fire damaged trees mitigated + the rebuilding of our Upper Shop in process, we have essentially built a ski resort in a year,” wrote the resort on Instagram. “Mitigation efforts officially wrapped up this week + as the teams remove the last pieces of heavy machinery + timber from our slopes, this momentous occasion is cause for celebration.”

Skiers familiar with the legendary slopes of Sierra-at-Tahoe will likely find a brand-new mountain to enjoy. With many trees removed from the area, the ski runs will take on a new look from years past, particularly in the West Bowl area that burned at a high intensity.

Hooray for resilience in the face of devastation and another winter on the slopes at Sierra-at-Tahoe!

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