Get Hyped! Ski Season in Northern California is Just 50 Days Away

Welp, that was quick…

It hasn’t even been three months since Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows closed for the ski season and we’re already looking in the eyes of next winter’s opening day. They posted a video today announcing that there’s only 50 days left until they open again, and we’re pretty hyped:

If you do the math, that means that they’ll be hoping for another epic winter when they open for the season on Friday, November 15th.

The 2018/19 winter season was good to Northern California ski resorts, with Squaw Valley leading the way. They received over 700 inches of snowfall during the winter, the most in the entire United States.

If this month is any indication, it could be another snowy year in Tahoe. The area already saw a significant snowstorm on September 16th, bringing with it grand thoughts of a winter to be:

So is it too early to start dusting off your gear and waxing your skis for the upcoming winter? Maybe. Does it found like a fun activity to do anyway? Definitely.

See you on the slopes in 50 days!

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