Hiker Missing on Northern California’s Bigfoot Trail

Nobody has seen the hiker and his dog in nearly two weeks

Photo: Tehama County Sheriff

On June 15th, experienced hiker David Ura and his dog Kingsley traveled from their home in Medford, Oregon and were dropped off by his daughter at the Ides Cove Trailhead in Tehama, planning to make the 70-mile trek on the Bigfoot Trail. Nearly two weeks later and nobody has seen him since.

64-year-old Ura was supposed to make the 6-day trip up the trail to meet his son and daughter near the trail in Hayfork in Humboldt County. He is now almost a week late for his rendezvous and his family has informed the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office about the disappearance and posted frequently on social media.

The Bigfoot Trail is more of a concept than an actual trail. It’s a long and remote trek through the Klamath Mountains, with its unofficial namesake due to the Bigfoot sightings in the area.

Strapped with about a week’s worth of supplies, Ura was planning to meet in Hayfork for more supplies in order to continue his adventure on the trail. The trail continues up near the Oregon border and over to Crescent City.

Some good Samaritans have been searching sections of the trail and CHP flew a helicopter over the area, but no one has been able to locate him. He didn’t bring a personal locator with him, but did have his cell phone. His cell phone has not been activated since he left the trailhead in Tehama County.

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