Howling Winds Reach 103 MPH in Northern California Overnight

Mount Tamalpais. Flickr/Michael Pujals

When you woke up in Northern California on Sunday Morning, you likely noticed winds howling outside your window. If you are a light sleeper, you may have even heard them overnight since the winds peaked overnight, with one peak even recording 103 mph gusts.

The overnight wind numbers are beginning to come in and they are something of legend. While the Kincade Fire continues to devastate Sonoma County, the winds reached 93 mph overnight on the north side of Healdsburg and 87 mph on Mount St. Helena:

While the winds near the Kincade Fire are much more dangerous, the numbers pale in comparison to the winds seen at Tahoe’s Alpine Meadows overnight, which reached 103 mph!

Other significant winds included 70 mph and Jarbo Gap in Butte County and 66 mph at the Redding Airport. The National Weather Service has implemented a High-Wind Warning through Sunday, which could see winds from 40-60 mph throughout the day.

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    1. Glad somebody has their head out of their bum…pretty incredible geoengineering the globe is now openly put on the table with a proposal to aerosol us like flies…gee, have they begun already?

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