Interstate 5 Closed in Corning Due to Flooding

Flooding has become prevalent throughout Northern California, causing travel delays and even forcing evacuations in some communities.

Now the flooding has spread to Interstate 5 in Corning, where the popular stretch of freeway has been closed.

According to Caltrans, the southbound lane of I-5 is closed at South Avenue and the northbound lane could be next. The traffic is currently being detoured to South Avenue, where drivers can circumnavigate the flood, although it will surely cause traffic delays. Although flooding could grow to other roads, CHP is recommending taking alternate routes like Highway 99.[0]=68.ARCTQNkBaU6cUiG-u67SEnieMnDVXfgDIumRih6LtAr_SfwL7ZQ8odcFn1tvY-LG6jnKYmP8xpSK4fQpxLLNU3w4oolVOkMWdGQw2dAP8lYn_SmR90qJecFSFK2Oeg3iQ6QUtzLSiNvn-sam2oP2AHvStiKtgeZhx-EkfJqkQRCZEhxaVrnHD0CiNMi1WXiqJhJC50Qacm0jZ0Aa7g3Piofk2j4sMVsec9gIxht8yi30MFa4_N_oWNwHzteOrveLptDVTVa1aHltH5O0KGqX5TwXMNOIfqnSS2Ji0Vu3FgalkthlhjFAv7TMo1J15W66cqLsCN0tVbcvqya-xvQ1RkFnr-IsAqdV2-meUCsxhevpFkbnin_2LCxVOnlJvipEXg

This is the second time I-5 has been closed in the area this month, with a 5-hour closure in Williams a couple weeks ago caused major traffic delays. With the historic rain set to pound the North State through Wednesday night, there is no end in sight to the closure.

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