It’s Always Frightening Experiencing an Earthquake in San Francisco

An earthquake just hit San Francisco 15 minutes ago and my animal instincts kicked in

By Zach O’Brien

It’s 7:30 pm on Monday night and I’m sitting in San Francisco working on a project. All of a sudden, a jolt starts shaking the building and all I can think is – “What’s about to happen here?”

That’s all I could think about when the 3.8 magnitude just shook the city 15 minutes ago, with an epicenter near Oakland. What’s about to happen? How big will this be? How long will it last? Should I take cover?

Here is the information on the minor earthquake.

We just saw the 112 year anniversary of the Great Earthquake of 1906 that reduced San Francisco to rubble. It’s been almost 30 years since the 1989 earthquake that caused more than $5 billion in damage to the city. Needless to say, a dangerous earthquake could hit this city at any moment.

Growing up in California you get plenty of earthquake education in school, but how exactly will you respond when the big one hits? We avoided a big one this time around, but living in a highly seismic area of Northern California, you always have to be ready for a catastrophe.

Just like any earthquake, twitter had a lot to say:

These little earthquakes are a sharp reminder to always be prepared.

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