Mt. Shasta Ski Park Reveals Trail Map of Brand-New Gray Butte Lift

As Mt. Shasta Ski Park continues its construction of the brand-new Gray Butte Lift, which will drastically change the popular ski park, more details have been revealed about what visitors can expect at the expanded mountain.

The ski park announced the approval of the brand-new lift earlier this year, building to the top of the mostly untouched peak at 8,129 feet elevation located just above the current ski park. The proposed fixed quad lift to the top of Gray Butte will open 88 acres of skiable terrain, add five new runs, increase the resort’s elevation to 7,500 feet and create a 3-mile long run from top to bottom.

On Friday, the mountain released its unofficial new trail map, showing which runs will run off Gray Butte and how it will be connected to the other runs and lifts. Here’s the map:

The new trail map is helpful to explain the expansion, but there are certainly still questions. We see seven new runs (at least in name), including the well-named Lemurian run, which will also trickle into the Get Back run moving into the main area of Douglas and Coyote lifts. But how will people actually get to the new lift?

The ski park still hopes to have the new lift and runs completed by the start of the 2022/-23 ski season. As the opening dates get closer, we will certainly get more answers about the expanding mountain. Until then, have fun imagining yourself on the brand-new Lemurian run at Mt. Shasta Ski Park.

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