Netflix’s ‘Murder Mountain’ Director Hoping for Second Season

Deep in the wilderness of Northern California’s North Coast sits the Emerald Triangle, the world-famous location of the underground illegal marijuana industry. And amidst the legalization of marijuana in California, the area still has the reputation of a lawless, dangerous community of business and competition similar to the 1840’s Gold Rush.

This area of Humboldt County was highlighted in a popular docu-series on Netflix dubbed “Murder Mountain,” which explored the inner workings of the unique community through an investigation into the murder of  29-year-old Garret Rodriguez. The series was well received around the world and now the series director Josh Zeman wants a second season.

“I would want to come back and see how the farmers were doing,” said Zeman on the Humboldt Last Week podcast. “Are they faring any better than they were last year? I would also like to see how violent crime is doing. And how legalization has affected crime in the area.”

Although the docuseries had mixed opinions from Humboldt locals, including claims of being”one-sided” and “highly sensationalized” from the Humboldt Sheriff, there’s no doubt it was a hit on Netflix and a new season could be in the cards.

“Ultimately, I think the biggest point was bringing an overall awareness to a very complicated issue,” he said. “You can’t control everyone’s reactions, and people are going to take what they want to take from any portrayal. Unfortunately, I don’t think our show translated into justice for Garret Rodriguez which is paramount.”

Could we get a news season of Murder Mountain in the future? Let’s hope so. Here’s a trailer for the show:

Listen to the full interview from the Humboldt Last Week podcast here:

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