New Storm Forecast to Bring 2 Feet of Snow to NorCal Mountains this Week

Photo: National Weather Service

Although this winter has been wildly disappointing in terms of precipitation in Northern California, March storms are beginning to bring back the Sierra snowpack. Last week saw a massive storm that brought nearly 10 feet of snow to the mountains. Now, we could see a storm this week that will help bolster snowpack numbers even more.

The National Weather Service is forecasting a storm to hit NorCal on Sunday and bring up to 2 feet of snow through Wednesday.

Lassen Volcanic National Park is expected to see up to two feet of snowfall, adding to over 9 feet of snow it saw last week. Other high-elevation areas of Tahoe are also expected to see 18-24 inches during the 3-day storm.

At lower elevations in NorCal, some areas could see up to 4 inches of rain during the storm, specifically on the west side of the Sierras.

As always, high-elevation travel is discouraged during this time, with chain controls and even closures possible on some roadways.

With California’s current “stay at home” mandate and the closure of ski resorts throughout NorCal, the snowfall isn’t helping many people in terms of outdoor activities, but it could significantly help snowpack numbers. While the snowpack measures remain low, these late-winter storms could significantly help drought prospects this summer. Here is a look at the snowpack numbers.

With California’s current “stay at home” mandate, you shouldn’t have much issue staying dry during the storm. But just know that it will be wet one if you choose to go outside.

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