Northern California Coyote Rescued After Spending Two Weeks with Head Stuck in a Jar

We don’t typically see coyotes as a great friend to mankind, but anyone who could see this poor animal with a jar stuck on its head would be inspired to help.

On January 23rd, a coyote was seen in the El Dorado Forest wandering around with its head stuck in a plastic jar. At first, it’s an interesting sight for anyone who sees it. Then as reality kicks in, you realize the poor animal has no way of eating until the jar is removed.

Once the video circulated on the internet, volunteers from the Gold Country Wildlife Rescue and Sierra Wildlife Rescue searched the area for the animal, hoping to find it and set it free. Then nearly two-weeks later, the animal was spotted in the mountain town of Cool and rescuers rushed to the scene.

The container constricted the coyote’s breathing, eyesight, hearing, sense of smell and had been infested with ticks and fleas. To add insult to injury, the coyote had also been recently sprayed by a skunk.

The coyote was frail, but after the Cool Animal Hospital removed the jar and gave it IV fluids, the animal had a renewed sense of life.

Thank goodness we have agencies and rescue programs that are out there helping our friends in nature. We’re not sure how the coyote got its head stuck in the jar, but we’re willing to guess she won’t do it again.

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